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Hi Beauties~ Di tengah pandemi gini, aku yakin banyak dari kalian yang coba-coba hal baru! Dari jadi suka masak, bercocok tanam, dekor rumah bahkan mungkin ada yang udah jadi artis Tik Tok? Haha, lucu ya selama masa karantina kita jadi bisa eksplor hal-hal yang sebelumnya kita gak pernah lakukan.  Nah, karena akupun termasuk salah satu yang udah WFH dari Maret, akhir-akhir ini jadi mulai mati gaya dan rambutpun mulai gak keurus. Yang dulu rajin banget ganti warna tiap bulan, sekarang sampai rambut gondrong dan kuning aku tetep tahan gak ke salon. Yes, aku gak mau keluar rumah unless itu penting banget. Ke salon itu termasuk di list yang menurut aku masih gak perlu. Dan jadilah aku mulai eksperimen yaitu coba-coba warnain rambut sendiri dirumah. FYI, rambut aku dulu basenya ash brown with bleached ash grey babylights . Karena skintone-ku termasuk yang warm , aku lebih suka warna rambut cool tone untuk balance everything out . Akhirnya setelah lama baca review sana sini tentang cat rambu


me, looking at the mirror

Oh my lord, help. Really.

Since I work in a corporate office that is all formal and polished,  my office is fully air-conned. For almost 9 hours I spent my day there, drink more coffee instead of water and don't even bother to moisturize my (poor) skin. And just after 6 months, I noticed my skin was drier than before. Dry and flaky but my T zone, being an ass, still oily af. Why? I also wondered.

I thought it was an aging process like your skin just become drier above 25, but is it? I changed all my skincare products from gel, light type to cream with a thicker consistency. My primer and foundation to dry skin type formulation, face mist, hydrating this and that. Trust me, I tried.

But no, my skin was just as douchey as before and it was starting to show some texture! Damn, anything but glowy glass skin I always wanted. So, I deeply examined my skin, acting like a pro with google as source.

And after endless scrolls and website hoppings, I felt stupid.

Of course my skin is dehydrated, not drier because of aging (but part of me was a bit relieved). And here's one of the article who helped me summed up my situation :

How Do I Know If My Skin Is Dehydrated?
Dehydrated skin is an issue that plagues many people although they often don’t even know they have it. It can be tricky to describe since its symptoms can vary from person to person but it usually presents itself in the following ways:
  • Skin that looks lackluster, tired, and dull in appearance.
  • Is very sensitive and often experiences irritation or redness after using certain products.
  • Burns or stings after using a cleanser.
  • Has itchy or flaky patches. 
  • Feels tight and inelastic or looks wrinkly when pinched or pulled.
  • Looks oily but feels dry at the same time.
If you think at least 3 of the bullet points above accurately describe your skin it could mean that it’s dehydrated.

Yes, my skin looks dull even foundation can't cover my sins. It has flaky patches and looks oily but dry at the same time. My skin is officially dehydrated, congrats me.

So, I changed all my skincare - makeup routine to this :

Mild and gentle cleanser by Heimish - All Clean Green Foam
Moisturizer by Kiehls
Sunblock by Krave Beauty - Beet the Sun
Hydrating Primer for outer part of the face by Fenty Beauty
Matte Primer for T-zone area by Tarte - Amazonian Flawless Clay Primer
CC Cream (?) by DR Jart - Recover
Loose powder by Marc Jacobs

Cleansing Balm by Heimish
Toner by The Ordinary Glycolic Toning
Eye Cream by Innisfree Jeju Seawater
Lip Mask by Laneige

Weekly PM treatment :
1st week : Innisfree Clay Mousse Mask 1x and The Ordinary Lactic Acid the other day
2nd week : The Ordinary Lactic Acid and Dr Jart Cicapair
3rd week ; Innisfree Color Clay Mousse Mask Hydarating (no acids except TO Glycolic Toning)
4th week : The Ordinary AHA + BHA (7 mins max)

That's it.

Well if you expect results or comparison, sorry to disappoint but I'm just starting for a month so I don't see any visible result just yet. But, if you really wanna know how bad the texture and dullnes are, here it is :

excuse my poorly made eyeliner.

Can you see that texture near my eye and cheek? It would be visible when I put foundation and highlighter on. 

So, i will try this routine first and let you know after 2 and 3 months for visible results. Usually, it takes 6 months but heck I'm afraid I'll forget lol. 

And, here's my long rant about my skin condition. It feels good tbh to talk in english rather than bahasa cos it's more simple (who's agree with me?) 

I hope you guys have a good day, brighter and flawfree skin, snatch makeup and on fleek eyebrows, thicker booty and also your wallet and bank account lmao.



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